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Compiler | Exam Policies


As part of our ongoing effort to enhance the value of Compiler certification, certain security measures are in place to protect the integrity of the exams. Please familiarize yourself with the following policies.

Test Taking Policies

  • Upon arrival at the testing center, candidates must present personal identification bearing a photograph and signature.
  • Candidates may not take recording devices, such as paper/pencil, cameras, PDAs, computers, or communication devices, such as telephones, or pagers into the testing area.
  • Candidates must not communicate with other certification candidates either in the testing room or in any other area of the testing facility during authorized testing breaks.
  • Candidates must read and accept the terms of the non-disclosure agreement presented prior to the start of the exam.
  • Candidates must not remove exam content from the testing area, and must not reproduce exam content outside of the testing area.
  • Candidates must abide by the terms of the retake policy.
  • Candidates found to have violated testing center rules may lose any existing certifications and may be made permanently ineligible for additional certifications.

For additional information regarding this policy and requests for accommodations, please Email Us.

In certain circumstances, the computer on which you are taking the exam may stop responding or porduce an error message. If you experience a computer interruption, notify the testing center administrator immediately to restart your exam. When the exam is restarted, the software will return to the point in the exam where you were interrupted and will retain both your score and keep your remaining time intact.

Retake Policy

A Candidate may given chance to retake a failed exam. The retake policy varies based on the exam certification.

Please view the retake policy for the corresponding certification below for each program.